Kanye West “All Day/I Feel Like”

This year has just started and it already feels like Kanye West has taken 2016 hostage. Whether it was the dubious release of the much awaited “T.L.O.P.” or his bizarre twitter rants, there hasn’t been a day Ye hasn’t dominated a headline somewhere. Yesterday, he released the video for “All Day/I Feel Like” and crashed the host site, Unit, repeatedly. Even though “All Day” was released last year, it did not fail to cause a stampede of views online. Beautiful warehouse aside, many were disappointed that the video failed to deliver on the scale of it’s premiere at The 2015 Brit Awards. It led to many comment sections flaring up with debates lauding and praising his ego. Admittedly, I disliked him for a long time but I cannot deny his ambition, as he repeatedly builds projects that rope in respected creative leaders, such as the 12 Years A Slave director Steve McQueen on this video. So my opinion of him often vacillates from admiration to disappointment. But one thing is constant with Kanye: he will never do what you want him to do. And that’s what keeps him relevant.

Update: In some markets, the video has been taken down from the link below. I’ll replace it when a non-Tidal link becomes available again. Apologies, friends.


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