Miike Snow “Genghis Khan”

I think we can all safely agree that 2016 is officially in gear – or in my case, in acceleration – so let’s not waste any time and kick it off with a fun bit of eye candy. And this is some pretty sweet candy. It’s the new Miike Snow video directed by Ninian Doff and it’s an ode to those kitsch Bond films of the 70s (and in my humble opinion, the best of Bond). A typical evil villain featuring facial scar, underground lair and all, is torn between leading a “normal” evil life and revealing his true affections for his arch nemesis. It features some charming choreography and wonderful art direction, and a happy ending that is gonna leave a smile on your face. I couldn’t be happier to start this year’s posts off on this optimistic note. It’s gonna be a great one.


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