Daft Punk and Interstella 5555

To end off this Daft Punk themed week, I’m highlighting the music videos out of the band’s 2003 film Interstella 5555. It’s a Japanese animated film created by the band and the Toei Animation studio, described as an “The animated House Musical”. Broadly, the film follows a popular alien-like band who are gassed and kidnapped by mysterious troops during a concert as the villain, Earl de Darkwood, looks on. A distress signal is sent out which reaches our hero, Shep. He is has a big crush on the female guitarist, Stella, in the band, so of course launches into rescue mode. He chases down the enemy ship, travelling through a wormhole that brings them all to Earth. The band has their memories wiped and their identities replaced, and are forced to become a sold-out, overworked commercial band. During a failed rescue mission retrieve the band, Shep is fatally wounded. He has one last romantic encounter with Stella, which helps her recall who she really is as he dies. The band soon discover who they are and unveil Earl de Darkwood’s plans to use them to sell 5,555 records which will unlock his evil powers. The band stop him and eventually return back home to the rockstar status they knew before.

What was great about this, was nothing like it had been done before and as each video was released, you looked forward to the next episode in the series. It was a musical journey, and by marrying electronic music and animated film, it once again showcased Daft Punk as innovators in their arena. You can watch the whole awesome film here or enjoy just some of the video singles below.


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