Daft Punk “Da Funk”

Some very exciting news was announced a few weeks ago: Daft Punk is releasing their first official documentary. Entitled “Daft Punk Unchained” it’ll include interviews with the founders and their frequent collaborators. It’s focus will be on the undeniable impact they’ve had on music since their inception. I got pretty nostalgic when I watched the trailer and figured I’d share some of my all-time favourite Daft Punk music videos with you this week.

This first one was directed by Spike Jonze features the directors usual brand of quirk and commentary on modern life. It follows a “man-dog” (for lack of a better term) on an average night in a city. You immediately identify him as an unfortunate character as he has a cast on his leg and he’s walking on crutches. He runs into a high school crush and naturally, his bad luck catches up with him.

It was released in 1995, and was so different for the category which traditionally featured attractive people dancing in a strobe-filled nightclub. And that’s why it’s still an all-time favourite.


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