Stealing Sheep “Apparition”

So here you go, kids: the song that’ll be playing in hip coffee shops and clothing stores you’ll visit, and will probably be bopping round in your head all day. And all cooly delivered by UK band Stealing Sheep. But it’s the video that deserves praise here, and a lesson in what happens when the right band meets the right director (the band’s previous videos didn’t do the tracks justice). It features a beautiful colour palette and direction, the modern electronic song is juxtaposed and synced with some traditional mystic Morris dancing. The puppetry, strange wicker characters and seemingly one-take camera work will keep it on your rewatch list. And if you’re in advertising (or live in the UK), you’ll be familiar with director Dougal Wilson‘s stellar portfolio. He does those absolutely stunning cry-your-eyes-out Christmas commercials for John Lewis every year. And when you realise that, the styling, colours and whimsy will all make sense.


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