Will Butler “Anna”

Ok, ok. It’s been a bit slow on the music video front lately but honestly, there really wasn’t much to talk about. But now I’m happy to report, there’s lots to share this week. So stay tuned. First up is the latest single off Will Butler‘s (of the wonderful Arcade Fire, and not to be confused with his brother and bandmate Win Butler) greatly anticipated solo album. And he has indeed come out strong. The video for the single “Anna” pays homage to the theatrical films of the 1940s, as a crazed starlet moves through a glamourous cruise ship with dancing sailors in tow. I don’t totally love director Brantley Gutierrez‘ shots but I’d say definitely watch for Emma Stone’s performance and Ryan Heffington’s choreography. Just like Stone’s ex Andrew Garfield who worked with Heffington to deliver Arcade Fire’s phenomenal “We Exist“, she delivers. Fistfuls of star power and you can’t take your eyes off her. Quite looking forward to more from this album.


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