Kendrick Lamar “Alright”

So I took a few months off from this site to play around with other interests and fulfill some personal ambitions. This blog just didn’t seem to fit into my schedule and the free time I had left me too exhausted to post anything. But I kept receiving emails and direct messages on videos that people had seen and that they thought I’d love to post, and for those contributions I’m ever grateful. And please keep sending me videos you think I’d like – this is space for you as much as it is an outlet for me. One of the videos I received numerous times was Kendrick Lamar‘s “Alright” – a favourite of mine off the new album. I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen it by now (the near 1 million YouTube views in 24 hours is testament to that), but here it is again. A black and white featurette directed by Colin Tilley, it captures Kendricks favourite themes: the modern day struggle of the black American with a bit of magic realism thrown in. He floats down the street passing scenes of dancers, police violence and excessive cash being flung out of cars. It’s strong and vulnerable at the same time. In just a day after it’s release, it’s already garnered some criticism but there’s no denying that it holds poetic moments. And once again reminds us that is ultimately the hip hop album of the year.

Catch the interview with director Tilley here on the video, including the origin of that killer new track Lamar premieres in the intro.


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