Flying Lotus “Coronus, the Terminator”

It’s quite a feat to follow what many considered the best video of 2014 (this blogger included) and I don’t think you can come close to the beauty that was Flying Lotus‘ video for “Never Catch Me“. But that’s not what the video for “Coronus, the Terminator” is trying to do. It is dark and emotive too, and still continues the album’s theme of death. But it’s a lot more graceful and careful, and a contemplative tribute to what the artist calls “one of the most important moments on You’re Dead!”. It follows an ill man on his deathbed as he travels through a city encountering ghostly characters and eventually following a boy with a bionic arm (an ode to his “Tiny Tortures” video?) to his ultimate end. It’s also directed by Flying Lotus who has delivered beautiful visuals as moving as his seminal track. This is such a moving album.


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