Childish Gambino “Sober”

It looks like 2015 is following much of 2014’s preference for choreography heavy videos – which I don’t mind at all. Like this video for Childish Gambino‘s new single before the release of his much anticipated album STN MTN/Kauai. It features our hero in a take out, looking anything but sober, trying to woo a girl who is pretty disinterested. I had no idea Donald Glover had it in him but his moves are quite impressive. It also feels very nostalgic – like an ode to Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel“. It’s bittersweet and I have high hopes for this album. No word on a director yet but my money’s on Hiro Murai.

(Apologies if you can’t view the video in your city, but head over to the official site to see it. Link here.)


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