Dizzee Rascal “Couple of Stacks”

Ok, so I have to apologise. This is not totally a post for the much-talked about video for Dizzee Rascal‘s track “Couple of Stacks”. That video, as he promised, totally disappeared from the internet – a feat I wasn’t sure anyone could really achieve. If you in fact haven’t heard about the video, it was a freakish, Halloween-esque piece dropped by Dizzee and director Emile Sornin featuring a series of truly gruesome murders not safe for underage viewing (if that thumbnail image is anything for you to go by). The video lived online for one weekend and disappeared. “A video for the SnapChat generation” as one person called it. He has however released a teaser for his next samurai-inspired video “Pagans” and the album seems to place Dizzee in an edgier space than his previous party-heavy tracks. Which is awesome.


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