The Birth of Captain Murphy

So not only are we getting a new Flying Lotus album this year (#facemelt) but we are also getting a new Captain Murphy mixtape. If you don’t know him, Captain Murphy IS Flying Lotus, and the character gained a cult following post the downloadable “Duality” mixtape in 2012 and even spinning off into some awesome merchandise. The first video below is the visual collage for the Duality mixtape featuring footage of actual cult leaders and psychedelic imagery (it runs at 35 minutes); the second is the animation of Captain Murphy’s origins released just last week. It is a collaboration with Adult Swim (my other dream job) and I hope it hints at what the music videos may look like. Animation rumoured to be done by the amazing Adam Fuchs, responsible for much of Adult Swim’s music content and Captain Murphy’s rad animation for “Mighty Morphin Foreskin”. I am more than a little psyched about this release.


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