Paolo Nutini “Iron Sky”

I haven’t listened to much of Paolo Nutini‘s work but I may have to seriously reconsider that decision after watching this. So beautifully filmed and intriguing, director Daniel Wolfe has captured the song with amazing depth and insight. This director’s talent has never been showcased stronger. It features a bleak, dystopian world whose impoverished citizens struggle with severe headaches and seizures, and turn to a drug known as Aurora to cope. Wolfe claims it’s set in the future but every scene speaks very closely to the discontent and struggles facing many in the world right now – the tension around Gaza, various religious fundamentalists, the Russia-Ukraine crisis, the repercussions of the recession. These visuals, set against the lyrics and a soundbite from Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” make for a very introspective piece. A definite favourite this year.


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