The Black Keys “Weight of Love”

So the MTV Music Video Awards happened this past weekend and even though I was quite impressed with the list of nominees announced this year, I am pretty disappointed with the actual winners. MTV once again favoured bankable stars over actual talent. Most notably, with the pick of Lordes video “Royals” winning in the Best Rock Video category. I dig that video, but in the Best Rock Video category?! Really?! I’m not so sure. One of Lorde’s co-nominees was The Black Keys, and even though their video for “Fever” was pretty lacklustre compared to the hype surrounding the album, it was definitely a more suitable winner. A few weeks ago, I spotted their video for “Weight of Love” on bangersandnash. It runs at nearly 7 minutes and follows on from the religious theme set up in “Fever” – even including some of the preceding video in several scenes. It follows a beautiful cult leader played by Lara Stone, her nemesis played by Lily McMenamy, her beautiful followers and their mysterious day-to-day rituals. It feels like a fashion film and works with the heavily-produced Danger Mouse track beautifully. I’m hoping there is a third on the way that explains where this is all going. Also, music video series seem to be a thing these days. Directed by Theo Wenner.


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