Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Y-Control”

So one of the most exciting announcements in music happened in the last 24 hours: enigmatic Yeah Yeah Yeahs lead singer Karen O will release her first solo album titled “Crush Songs”. Karen O is undoubtedly one of the most hypnotic singers of the 2000s – she is off the wall, talented and for a long time was my art school girl crush (still is). I begged my parents for a copy of “Fever To Tell” for my birthday and it is still amongst my most sacred possessions. Even in the disturbing video for Y-Control, her energy and bravado stands out – a huge characteristic in her live performances. On it’s own though, this video is a tad controversial. It features several young children involved in some pretty gruesome behaviour, like carrying a dead dog and gutting each other. A bit dark for director Spike Jonze, but he was rumoured to be dating Karen O at the time. They’ve collaborated on his previous movie soundtracks, including “Her” and “Where The Wild Things Are” and I hope he does her videos for her solo album. But that may be too much awesome for me to handle.


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