Disclosure “Grab Her”

Last week, the Cannes Lions advertising awards were held and one of the highlights of the festival is the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase. It highlights some really exciting talents across commercials, short films and music videos. The clips are presented in an auditorium at Cannes, and this year they asked the audience to don a piece of wearable tech handed out to them. This was a wristband (branded with the iconic Saatchi & Saatchi ampersand) that monitored the audience’s reaction to viewing each clip. It sensed their heartbeat and body temperature, and then changed colour. Like a really fancy mood ring.

One video presented this year was one that I have actually been meaning to post about for a while. It’s the video for Disclosure‘s “Grab Her”. It’s your average drab office environment featuring your cliche Asian “investors” and painfully awkward boss. Oh, and there’s a little bit of a gravity issue. It’s a lot of fun. Directed by the talented Emile Sornin.


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