Arcade Fire “We Exist” teaser

I really love “We Exist” by Arcade Fire and am so amped that this track is getting a video release. A teaser for the video surfaced this weekend featuring actor Andrew Garfield in a wig and dress in a crowd of people. The video was shot at the Coachella music festival and according to an interview with lead singer Win Butler the storyline revolves the moment a young man coming out to his father – which is pretty clear when you know the lyrics. As always, Arcade Fire shed light on deeply personal experiences, and as always, depict it in the most beautiful way. And when Garfield was asked about Arcade Fire, I couldn’t agree with him more: “I’ve only been listening to Arcade Fire, my favorite band. I saw them in New York. It was religious.” Can’t wait to see the final piece. Watch this space.


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