Throwback Thursday 1992: Dr Dre (feat. Snoop Dogg) “Nuthin But a G Thang”

This is the first installment of a new feature I’m doing inspired by the internet phenomenon that is Throwback Thursdays or #tbt. Every week I’ll showcase a music video from the past. And I am kicking it off with probably the greatest hip hop video of all time: Dr Dre and a young Snoop Dogg‘s massive hit “Nuthin’ but a G Thang” from the incredible The Chronic album in 1992.

I am giving away my age here but I used to listen to this song on repeat on my Sony Walkman cassette player. It drove my parents insane. I fell totally in love with rap when I heard this song (and I could probably recite all the lyrics if prompted). But the video sealed my undying devoution to the genre – a film chronicling an average day of block parties, neighbourhood barbecues, friendships and house parties. When it first came out, it was heavily censored by MTV but has since become a major source of inspiration for hip hop music videos. It may look satirical now, but the no-pretense, casual, honest look at the African American scene makes this video so iconic. There was nothing like it on television at the time, and there’s been nothing like it since. Directed by the godfather himself Dr. Dre. Here’s a great interview with the art director Dwight Patillo on the video.


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