Series: The Jungle videos

If you’re not listening Jungle, what are you listening to? One of of the UK’s most exciting and secretive band have become one of my go to’s when I need to focus. A cool, head-bopping sound that draws on hip hop and funk – a sound I haven’t heard in a while. And the great thing is the videos articulate this sound so pure and simple – a series of clean choreographed pieces that celebrate the music. I love these videos. No pretense, just skill.

The first is for the single “Platoon” featuring the adorable 5 year old B-girl Terra. Her talent and dedication to breakdancing stand out and you’re gonna wanna watch it again. And I want one just like her. The second is for “The Heat” – we watch High Rollaz crew members Icky and Silence as they rollerskate through an underground space showing off their enviable abilities. And then there’s their latest release for the addictive track “Busy Earnin'”. A dance crew that just comes together so beautifully, it could be a Benetton ad. And it makes me wanna quit my job and join them. All three videos were directed by Oliver Hadlee Pearch. And Adidas must be loving this.

Get your hands on these tracks.


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