Grace Jones “I’ve Seen That Look Before (Libertango)”

Before Lady Gaga, Rihanna or any of today’s most talked about pop divas, there was Grace Jones. And I am pretty obsessed with her these days. She navigated the line between commercial and avant-garde art, using her music to shift perceptions on race, cultural, sexual and gender identity. I mean, who can forget that iconic The Face magazine cover? Her videos were highly produced and very stylised. Mostly due to her collaborations with her partner, art director Jean Paul Goude (who’s portfolio is a treat). Goude was responsible for many of Jones’ iconic imagery and album covers. His work is graphic and heavily art directed – with influences drawn from ethnic artwork and fashion design. Much of their work can be seen in their long form music video “One Man Show” which I absolutely love – there is so much inspiration in that film.

At the end of the documentary is the video for Grace Jones’ seductive song “I’ve Seen That Face Before (Libertango)”. We open on her face donned in a graphic mask that is cut away and we pull out we see that she wears her trademark suit playing an accordion. I love the movement and power in this video and we are reminded just how striking and seminal this artist is. Can we just do the biopic already?


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