Björk “Hunter”

Sometimes all you need is a great perfomance to remind you just how special that particular artist is. And Björk is that entirely. Paul White depicted Björk almost naked to camera, fully and beautifully indulging herself in the song as she fights her transformation into a computer generated bear. The digital agency, Me Company responsible for the video elaborates on the bear:

“We use the bear as a literal symbol of strength, ferocity, self-determination and the North, a pioneering roaming spirit. Hunter is a song about two different states, that of the hunter and the gatherer. The polar bear is the perfect symbol of the hunter state, it polarizes (ahem!) the difference between the two into something really extreme and magical. The choice of a techno-bear, though, has more to do with the idea of the beating heart of technology. Bjork’s music often has a dialogue between organic forms and techno forms, and we share this interest. It’s not photoreal; it’s able to collapse itself and rebuild itself at will. We had no desire to make it naturalistic.”

Regardless of this week’s Björk centred theme, this is still one of my all time favourite videos. Simply perfect.


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