Bjork “Mutual Core”

Andrew Thomas Huang is an incredibly talented individual. His work is so intensive and unique, you can really start to identify his style a mile away. Always heavily textured and layered and the colour palette is often the same. He gained major attention with this piece titled “Solipsist” on Vimeo last year and since then has garnered tons of accolades.

Shortly after that he created an incredible music video for Bjork‘s track “Mutual Core”. It was commissioned by the MOCA in Los Angeles. And what a perfect collaboration with Bjork who is renowned for merging highly conceptual visuals and music. The video depicts the organic, alien shapes and tactile nature of much of Huang’s work. It was projected in Times Square for several weeks and has been praised as a serious piece. It’s a spectacular piece that feels earthy and mystic. And so befitting for a Bjork track. Making of here.


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