Beyonce’s visual album

So the internet seems to be experiencing some mass hysteria today. The world seems to be hyperventilating into one huge brown paper bag since Beyoncé shocked everyone and released a surprise album online this morning. But it was really the fact that she released it as a “visual album” that got me excited. Not only has she released 14 new tracks but she has also released 17 new videos accompanying each track. She explains the concept here and comments on how people are consuming music these days. In a world where our attention span is thinning and instant gratification is prized, Beyoncé and her team have nailed it. Once again. Which is why she is queen and a media puppet master. She talks about the motivation behind this album:

“I miss that immersive experience…Now people only listen to a few seconds of song on the iPods and they don’t really invest in the whole experience.”

Each video is totally different and features a batch of stellar directors including Terry Richardson, Hype Williams, Jonas Akerlund and frequent collaborator Jake Nava. The video Jake Nava has done for “Grown Woman” is my favourite so far. It feels a lot edgier than the work she’s done before. It’s a collage of visuals that have an 8 bit tribal feel that perfectly compliment the African inspired track. It also features a video montage of actual footage a young Beyoncé digitally manipulated to sing the lyrics of the current track. Sadly, I only have the 30 seconds clip of the it but will load the full length the minute it’s YouTubed.

It amazes me how she managed to pull this all off without any track leaks or hints of a release date before this. And it amazes me how badly I wish I was part of the team who came up with the idea.

Update: I have no idea how much this cost Pepsi but kudos to their marketing department for spending the annual budget right and securing Beyonce for their campaign and managing to solely host this video online. The two worlds have officially merged: watch it here exclusively


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