Outkast “Hey Ya”

Ok, yes Kanye West’s incredible abuse of Getty stock footage for his video “Bound 2” has taken over the music video news. (It fees like everything has been said on it, but I still feel all that bouncing was unnecessary. And I am so disappointed in Nick Knight as pretty much summed up here). Well, screw that. Let’s rather talk about Outkast possibly reuniting for Coachella 2014. I love Big Boi and Andre 3000 individually but even more together. Their albums were played on repeat and their collaborations with musicians such as Janelle Monae, Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar have always leaned to their special brand of fresh, Southern quirk. They pioneered a whimsical side of hip hop that we rarely see. So I have to bring up a video of theirs to celebrate this news. It pays tribute to the live acts on The Ed Sullivan Show with a special touch of Andre 3000’s styling. This song was ridiculously overplayed when it was released but the video still stands out and has been something many have been trying to rip off for years. Directed by Bryan Barber.


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