REPEAT: Fiona Apple VS Earl Sweatshirt

I’ve been watching a lot of Odd Future‘s videos lately and they all fall into quite bizarre territory. But then I discovered this one directed by Hiro Murai for Earl Sweatshirt‘s single “Chum” that just stood out. It follows Earl through a stark black and white world. He floats and turns through the landscape despite the violence and eeriness around him. It felt like a modern remake of Fiona Apple‘s “Across the Universe” by the incredible Paul Thomas Anderson (if you don’t know who Paul Thomas Anderson is, we can no longer be friends (thanks, Marcelle)). She sits in a cafe, turning and staring into camera, covering the Beatles song unaware of the anarchy around her. Interestingly, both musicians have worked with these directors several times. Each video has it’s own quirky touches here and there and I really can’t decide which one I prefer. But why do I have to?


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