Arcade Fire “Afterlife”

So if you read my last post, you can tell I was not a fan of the Youtube Music Video Awards that took place this past weekend. I am however a huge fan of Arcade Fire. My wonderful friend Annette just posted this video and when I saw that Greta Gerwig was the star, my heart skipped. It was recorded live at the music awards event and directed by the awesome Spike Jonze. Both he and Gerwig have beautiful movies coming out soon (“Frances Ha” and “Her” which have just topped my must-watch list) and perfectly embody that quirk and charm that I love about Arcade Fire’s music. We follow her heartbreak backstage but then she starts dancing away out to an incredibly free and joyful moment. It just makes me feel all fuzzy and positive about everything. It makes me want to dance. (And it totally tops their official video for the single).


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