Series: The Jean Noel films

This is the story of Jean Noel. He was an average man who just wanted to dance but was then kidnapped by sadistic child-like aliens from a Victorian-era planet and was reconstructed to represent the “perfect human”. Phew. And we follow him from there – running from police cover-ups to a music festival. His odd appearance and dress off setting pretty much every scenario. These bizarre and humourous videos were produced for the Swedish band Miike Snow‘s singles “Paddling Out” , “The Wave” and “The Pretender“. They all feel quite different, with the first two helmed by Andreas Nilsson and the last by Vern Moen. I prefer the first two because they reference cheesy science fiction movies; the third just feels a bit disappointing but still carries the story. I hope Jean Noel makes a reappearance in Miike Snow‘s next album.


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