Arcade Fire “Reflektor”

I am so disappointed that I have let a week go by without posting this video. It’s here – the new video from Arcade Fire. The song seems to be a lot more upbeat (and kinda dancey) than previous albums but I am nonetheless excited about it. The video is a moody surreal piece in black and white that is pretty typical of Dutch director Anton Corbijn‘s other work. It’s a pretty linear interpretation of the title “Reflektor”, playing with mirrored surfaces and duplicity. Still, running at over 7 minutes it’s captivating and the song’s crescendo is totally worth it. Once again, they have released an online interactive version (partnering with Google Chrome). This is a very different version – it follows a girls journey through two worlds and was mostly shot in Haiti. The viewer controls the holographic type and visuals of the video using their mouse. This one was directed by Vincent Morisset – an instructional video here. A total feat once again. I am gonna have to relive my 2011 goal and see them live. No matter what.

UPDATE: That is indeed David Bowie on backing vocals.


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