Chemical Brothers “Star Guitar”

So I am on my way to Europe for a bit of a holiday in a week and on my last trip I took the train to make my way across the continent. If you can do it, definitely take the train – it’s a beautiful way to pass through the various cities and see how old-world and modern cityscapes live side by side. The European countryside, especially through Germany, Netherlands and Belgium, is so picturesque, you’d wanna capture all of it. Luckily for us, the ever-inventive Michel Gondry has achieved just that. A few years ago, he did a video for The Chemical Brothers‘ “Star Guitar” – a panning shot of his journey on a train from Nimes to Valence – charting the scenery outside a train window and synching and repeating the changing landscape to the various beats of the song. Apparently he did the journey 10 times throughout the day to capture the changing light. Perfect weekend music and the perfect soundtrack for a holiday. Now what happened to The Chermical Brothers? New tracks have been released – hope that means new videos.


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