THEME: Rube Goldberg

Now who doesn’t love a good Rube Goldberg inspired video? My boyfriend recently mailed me this video for A-Trak and Tommy Trash’s single “Tuna Melt” – it captures the Rube Goldberg machine theory that achieves a simple task in overly detailed and complex way often through a chain reaction of several objects. Ryan Staake directs and we move through a house as one object’s movement impacts another and seems to be one long tracking shot (although I am pretty sure there are some wipes in there – the underwater scene possibly). It immediately reminded me of OK GO’s “This Too Shall Pass” video from a few years back that takes place in a warehouse collaborating with several amazing engineers at Syyn Labs. And of course, there’s the legendary “Cog” commercial by Honda that just cleaned up at major awards. I love the inventive and honest nature of these pieces, especially when the tracks are fused with some real sound design. Pretty inspirational, but the rehearsals must be nerve-wracking.


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