Tame Impala “Mind Mischief”

I am the biggest Tame Impala fan in the world. After destroying my relationships with my neighbours due to repeated playings of Innerspeaker, I made my way to Portugal two years ago to finally see them live. But traffic and a crazy cue to get into the venue meant that I missed them performing and spent the rest of that night crying and drinking, bitching to my best friend about how unfulfilled I felt. Then came the awesome that is Lonerism and I am more adamant than ever to see them live again. Until then, I am so happy to see them grow as a fully fledged international acts, and with that acclaim come budgets, and with increased budgets come good music videos. This one for “Mind Mischief” is beautifully crafted – it documents a schoolboy’s crush on his teacher. Seems like well worn turf, but it moves from a hazy, Old English feel to the pschydelic, trippy animation that work so well with Tame Impala’s laid back lovelorn 60s inspired music. Can’t find a director but it was produced by Modular People and Urban Outfitters.


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