Passion Pit “Crying Like a Ghost”

If you’ve had a chat with me about music videos, you’ll know how much I admire the director duo DANIELS. I read recently that they were the “most reliable” directing team working today – delivering visual pieces that stand out and resonate in today’s very cluttered media landscape. I think it’s because the manage to tell simple stories in the most hypnotic way and you can go back and watch their videos over and over again. Their latest for Passion Pit‘s “Crying Like a Ghost” definitely shows off the teams technical skills getting stronger – it’s a beautiful choreographed piece around one woman and her failed relationships. As one falls apart, she moves seamlessly to the next affair – dancing through beautiful, honest moments. The video is so well co-ordinated I keep going back to watch it and figure out how they stitched it all together. There is the making of which still doesn’t tell you much. And here is an extended cut.


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