Solange Knowles “Losing You”


So, naturally I’m really proud that this is shot on local turf and showcases the fresh, quirky styling of South African youth. That retro-cool look, grade and casting are really fresh, and I think it’s great that Melina Matsoukas is magnifying the recent global interest in the Le Sape Movement with some awesome styling by Ty Hunter.

Good intentions aside, this music video is just not doing it for me.

I’m a fan of Melina’s work – especially the streetwise piece she did for Adidas. But this video feels pretty unpolished. Solange looks uncomfortable and it cold do with a bit of a re-edit. The timing is off here and there. And I don’t think the video is right for the song – it feels too soft for the electro-dance track she’s got here. I may be extra critical due to the fact that’s a local production but it just doesn’t do it for me. Which is really disappointing.


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